Quartz Hotel & Spa

P.ยบ del Centenario 9580, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22320 Tijuana, B.C.

Phone Number: +52 664 862 8200

Room Block: To reserve into the room block, you need to call the number above and state that you are reserving for the wedding of “Valeria & Anthony.”

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Ruta del Vino Tours

Phone Number: +52 646 113 8246

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Traveling tips

Flights from the U.S

It is recommended for anyone flying from the US that they fly into San Diego first and cross into Tijuana by car, bus or via one of the pedestrian walkways.

Note: Uber/Taxi is the only mode of “public transportation” out of the San Diego airport.



Details: If you fly into San Diego and you have global entry, utilizing Uber and the pedestrian walkways to cross the border is a great and speedy option.

Instructions: When you arrive in San Diego, navigate to the Uber/Lyft pick up area and have them bring you to “San Ysidro Transit Center MTS Trolley Station.” You can also use one of Taxis services at the airport, but they will be more expensive. From your drop off, you can walk across the border. There is rarely a line. While crossing through Mexican immigration, they will ask you for your Passport and the reason for your visit. They may charge you a small visa fee. After crossing, you can then order another Uber to take you to the “Quartz Hotel.” Please note that Tijuana offers Ubers with English speaking drivers. When returning to the airport, you would again ask for an Uber or Taxi at the Hotel, and have them bring you to “New Pedestrian Border Crossing.” You will then walk to the pedestrian walkways. Make sure to follow signs for “Sentri” or “Global Entry.” These lines are much shorter and typically allow you to walk right up to the immigration counters. These are similar to what you see for international travel at airports. After you walk through, you can then take a Uber/Taxi to the airport. If run into any issues or have any questions, you can contact the groom for more details. He has done this often when traveling.



Name: Ruta del Vino Tours

PH: +52 646-113-8246

Instructions: You can call to reserve a shuttle service that will transport you from the San Diego Airport to the hotel in Tijuana and from Tijuana to the San Diego Airport. This will be one of the easier option for international travelers, especially those without global entry. However, please note that this service will still utilize the regular boarder lanes, which can potential take 2+ hours to reach the airport depending on departure time. Please work with the shuttle service to plan appropriately.



Details: If you are flying into San Diego, another option for crossing would be to rent a car or drive across the border. I do not recommend this due to the lengthy time it can take to cross, both to get into Mexico (depending on the hour) and into the US. This can be especially confusing if you are unfamiliar with crossing into the US from Mexico. If you have global entry and have your car registered to cross, this is not an issue because you can utilize the much quicker Sentri/Global Entry lanes. Otherwise, please be prepared for your journey back into the US to take around 3 hours.

Instructions: If you plan to drive, you can simply utilize your GPS ( I recommend google maps) to guide you to the Hotel or wherever you may be lodging. However, when returning to the US, there are many restrictions on roads you can take when there is significant border crossing traffic. If you plan to rent a car, please contact the bride and groom for additional instructions on crossing. For the most part, Google maps provides accurate instructions. However, some roads may close due to heavy crossing traffic, which can cause confusion.